“Remember always, that all of us, you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionaries.” Franklin D. Roosevelt




This site is a compilation of research problems, conundrums, dead ends, and brick walls.


By putting my brick walls up for all to see, publicly airing my ignorance, I am hopeful several things will happen:

    1. The same research will not be repeated over and over ad infinitum by family historians. Nothing is more discouraging than to find you are working on a common problem countless others have delved into in varying degrees, but to find no documentation for the sometimes wild leaps of conjecture that have been taken as historical fact.


    2. The historical fictions cited continually by researchers will be exposed for the wishful thinking and flights of fancy that they are.


    3. Those with opportunities to research the areas of interest I have identified, but have been unable to pursue, will share the results of those inquires.


    4. Those with the key to my locked doors, the hammer to knock down my brick walls, will step forward and make their research available.