Potentially Profitable Research

Ship Rosters. So far no immigration date or record of transit has been found. Port of origin records would also be worth pursuing.


Sir John Ellsworth. Who is this guy? Is there any documentation of his existence in England? Why does German Ellsworth think he came to America in 1634? Is there any record of such a voyage?


Birth date of 7 August 1629 – who are these writers referenced by German Ellsworth who have been able to ascertain such an accurate date? German Ellsworth’s research notes would be very helpful, if they are available, as he does not cite his sources.


Dr. Bray Rosseter was the 1st Windsor town clerk, before Matthew Grant, until 1652. His notebook reportedly is in the Connecticut State Historical Society. Does it have any reference to Josia Elsworth?


Original Windsor town records. Some records have been transcribed, have all? There may be an obscure reference overlooked by other researchers.


Ellsworth Family Bibles – Are there any still available? Stiles mentions the family Bible of Oliver Ellsworth contained some family genealogy, although how far back this information goes is not detailed. If there any Ellsworth family bibles available, hopefully they would shed light on the old world origins of the family. The earlier the bible the better, although the family bibles of Oliver Ellsworth and his children might be especially helpful due to the potential inclusion of Cambridgeshire information (See the Cambridgeshire theory) from Oliver’s own personal inquiries.


Windsor town record for 16 Nov, 1654 – is there any further information regarding parentage of Josiah listed in his marriage record? This is highly unlikely, but as I have not seen the original record or any reproductions of it (other than in the Matthew Grant Record – see below), I can not rule this out as a possibility.


How was Josiah legally able to live in the town of Windsor prior to his marriage to Elizabeth? There was a law saying single men could not live in the city without the consent of the town. Neither family, nor town consent, for Josiah’s presence in Windsor is noted in the record, to my knowledge. Was Josiah in fact from another town? If so, where? I have not found records of him elsewhere.


Are there illegible dates on page 14 of the Matthew Grant Record original manuscript? What exactly is this a list of? A little do it yourself multi-spectral imaging of the original manuscript might reveal previously unseen detail to help decipher what this list, which includes Josiah, exactly is of.


Barbour cites the Mathew Grant Record as stating Josias was a “ch. mem on 16[  ]” in . The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records. Vol 55. p. 118. What does this mean? This most likely represents an abbreviation for church member as the Matthew Grant Record indicates Josiah was baptized on March 7, 1657,  rather than charter member, because Josiah clearly was not a charter member of Windsor. This could refer to something else however.


Hinman lists a John Elsworth arriving in Connecticut in 1646. This could represent a typo, and refer to Josias, or it could indeed be John Elsworth, potential father of Josias. If there was indeed a John Elsworth who came to the colonies, then I would expect to find other documentation (such a death date at least in the Matthew Grant Registor) of his presence. This is the only John Elsworth I have been able to find. If it was indeed Josia’s father, then I would expect to find reference to Josia as well. Conceivably John could have come to Connecticut with his son, left him here, and then returned to the old world, however this was well before our modern continent hopping lifestyle began. I find it far more likely that this represents a typo referring to Josias himself. German Ellsworth seems to reference this book by stating John may or may not have come to America, and also by stating Josia may have been in Windsor in 1646. Most sources seem to be either derivative of Hinman’s work or just ignore it altogether. The question is, where did Hinman get this data? I have not been able to locate or determine the primary source of state or town records yet in order to ascertain if there is a typographic or transcription error with this entry. This is a point where further research needs to be done. Locating and reviewing Hinmans’ research notes might be helpful. Reviewing the original town records for 1646 might also be helpful.


Hinman states Josiah was the son of John. Once again, where does he get this data? Locating Hinman’s research notes and evaluating them might be helpful in elucidating where this claim is being derived from.


Further areas of potentially fruitful research are discussed in the pages dealing with the various origin theories.


Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this research, or if you have additional information which would be helpful breaking through my brick wall.