Where was Josiah born?


Where did Josiah come from?


When did Josiah arrive in the New World?


Who were Josiah Elsworth’s parents?

John Ellsworth

    While I have not been able to verify any sources claiming John to be the father of Josias, I do think it likely that his father was in fact named John as documented by Hinman. Whether he was Sir John, as German Ellsworth states, is another story, and as of yet I think it unfounded. Hinman also lists a John Elsworth arriving in Connecticut in 1646 on page 24, and on page 131 indicates John is the father of Sgt. Josiah., and the primal ancestor in the New World. Hinman’s work could represent a typo, and refer to Josias, or it could indeed be John Elsworth.


    Josiah’s sons were named Josiah, Thomas, Jonathen, John, Job, and Benjamin. Josiah’s father in law was named Thomas Holcomb. There seems to be a strong preference for family names, with Josiah junior being named after his father, Thomas being named after his maternal grandfather, followed by Jonathen and/or John possibly being named after the paternal grandfather. John does seem to be a likely candidate.


    If Sir John really was Josiah’s father, why did Josiah leave a life of at least comparative privilege for hardship and privation in the far off frontier of a new and undeveloped world? It seems unlikely to me Josiah would have been of high birth.

Lydia / Lucia Bowers

    I have not been able to locate any sources delineating any documentation of her existence, let alone her relation to any Elsworth, Josiah, John, or otherwise. Josiah’s daughters were named Elizabeth, Mary, and Martha. Josiah’s wife was named Elizabeth Holcomb, and his mother in law was named Elizabeth Ferguson. His sister in law was Mary. Once again the seeming preference for family names presents itself with Elizabeth and Mary Elsworth. Martha is the remaining daughter’s name, not Lydia or Lucia. I find it more likely, but just as hypothetical, that Josiah’s mother was named Mary or Martha, rather than Lydia or Lucia. All data I have examined which mentions Lydia / Lucia Bowers is derivative of other derivative work. At this point, Lydia / Lucy seems to be a myth.


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