The Welsh / Three Brothers Theory

German Ellsworth subscribes to the Three Brothers / Welsh theory as presented by Sylvester Aylsworth. Sylvester repeatedly undermines his own credibility however by stating, on pages 22 and 31, that he just does not know where his Aylsworth ancestor came from. Homer Aylsworth, in his foot noted commentary on Sylvestor’s work does a pretty good job of debunking the Three Brothers theory. Henry Stiles (on pages 209-210) seems to side with Homer in this line of thinking. Nevertheless, people still refer to the three brothers. Sylvester seems to be the source of this theory, as I have been unable to find anything earlier supporting or mentioning his allegations. Of the three theories put forth by other researchers, this one seems to be the least tenable.


Variations on the three brothers theme exist. An example would be The Ellsworth Family in Two Volumes. National Americana Society, New York 1930. p. 2. Four brothers, with Derbyshire as the preferred site of origination, were listed there. This represents another poorly documented record with questionable findings.


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